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Bumpers - XP 900

We carry a complete selection of Polaris RZR XP Bumpers. We have several different styles to choose from. Two basic types are round tube or plate steel bumpers. Choosing between the two just depends on the style you prefer. All of the RZR XP bumpers we carry we have first hand experience with, have installed, and / or used.

Our best selling RZR XP bumper is the front winch bumper made by Extreme Metal products. This is a formed plate style bumper that offers full front end protection, as well as a winch mount on top of the bumper that keeps your winch out of the mud. This bumper securely braces to the chassis, with brackets that wrap around the radiator to mount it securely. If your RZR XP gets any kind of serious trail use we highly recommend going with a bumper that does not simply mount in front of the radiator. If you were to hit anything the bumper mounts of inferior bumpers would punch right through the radiator.

Our second most popular RZR XP 900 bumper is the tube pre runner bumper from Racer Tech. This bumper also features a rigid mount design with tubes that wrap around radiator securely attaching to firewall of chassis. These bumpers are light weight, and very strong. They are a popular choice for both racers and trail riders. 

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