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High Lifter Polaris RZR S Gear Reduction Hubs - Built In Lift

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  • Manufactured by: High Lifter


New from Highlifter we now have bolt on gear reduction hubs for the Polaris RZR S 800. These bolt on gear hubs provide a 1:1.4 gear reduction (30%) and allow you to run larger tires without as much horsepower and torque loss. Also by nature of it's design the gear reduction hubs also give you 4" of lift. With the geared hub the centerline of the wheel is moved down 4". Gear reduction hubs are used on vehicles such as the Mercedes Unimog and the military HUMVEE and the H1 Hummer. The hubs are a great way to get more ground clearance and reduce the strain on all drivetrain components. The bolt-on RZR gear reduction hubs also increase the track width by 1.75" each side. 

The gear boxes are CNC machined from 6160 aircraft grade billet aluminum and house three 4140 heat-treated gears, including the drive geaer, an idler geaer and a driven gear. The driven gear is purposefully designed to account for increased torque loads as it turns a machined 4140 heat treated steel spindle. The steel gears are encapsulated inside the Gear Lift box and feature industrial grade wheel bearings while the axle input and the spindle output positions are sealed with high-grade automotive seals to prevent mud, water, and debris from entering the Gear Lift box.

The High Lifter Gear Lift is geared for performance by multiplying torque at the wheel. This technology means that less torque is transferred back through the CV axle shafts, differential, and other drivetrain/suspension components. Simply put, the gear reduction feature of the High Lifter Gear Lift greatly reduces worry that your axles will fail while you’re on the trails.

Product Features:

•Gears precision-cut from heavy-duty, 4140 alloy steel and are heat treated
•Boxes precision-CNC machined from heat-treated 6061 aircraft-grade billet aluminum
•Provides 4” of lift
•1:1.4 gear reduction (about 30%)
•Adds approximately 3.5” to total track width
•Maintain factory drivelines
•Retain factory tie rod angles
•Retain factory shock and suspension angles
•Rides and steers like stock straight from the factory
•Bolt-on application
•Can run standard offset wheels (not wide)
•Compatible with all aftermarket A-arms
•Compatible with Outlaw DHT Axles and Steering Stop Kit
•Compatible with Pro Series Tie Rod kit if you drill out as detailed in the installation guide
•Step-by-step detailed photo installation instructions

Polaris RZR 800 S 2-seater (11-14)

The product is/will:
•Designed and intended for use on a UTV at slow speeds.
•Increase the center of gravity.
•Increase the turning radius.
•Increase the stopping distance when adding larger tires.
•Increase and accelerate wear of factory components including bushings, bearings, ball joints, and tie rod ends.
•Work with all High Lifter branded components. We cannot guarantee fitment with other aftermarket accessories.

Safety Guidelines:
•Inspect all moving factory suspension components particularly ball joints, tie rod ends, control arm connections, and brakes prior to each ride and replace if worn. •Inspect clearances with control arms and brake lines prior to each ride. •The use of any aftermarket lift is not recommended. •Wheel spacers should not be used with a Gear Lift. •14” wheels must be used with the Gear Lift. 12” wheels cannot be used. •Jumping, high speeds, and quick maneuvering should be avoided. Maintenance Information:
•Check gear oil in portal boxes following 25 hours of riding or sooner, depending on how you ride.
•Use 4 oz of SAE 80W-90 Delo Gear Lubricant as needed in the portal boxes.
•Replace worn factory components including bushings, bearings, ball joints, brakes, and tie rod ends when they show wear.

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