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RZR 570 Weld-in Chassis Gusset Kit

  • Units in Stock: 11
  • Manufactured by: Racer Tech


This kit, when combined with our other bolt-on gusset kits, takes care of everything you need to make your RZR 570 race ready. Kit is priced WITHOUT weld washers for the A-arm pivot points. If you want these washers, you have two choices below.

This kit was designed to cover all points we could not cover with bolt on accessories. Please see the related products on this page to address a few other products we designed to work in conjunction with this kit.

The main image here shows what you get when you buy the standard kit. This kit fits all years and models of the RZR 570 and ONLY the RZR 570.

When selecting weld washer upgrades:

  • If you WILL NOT be installing our Rear Arm Brace and Rear Lower Chassis Brace, you will need to 18 washers to cover all the pivot points this weld-in kit does not add material to.
  • If you WILL be adding these other two braces, you will only need 10 washers.

    About Weld Washers:

  • Flat Washers - The flat weld washer upgrade is the easiest upgrade to complete. These are flat laser cut parts you can weld on to your pivot points on the chassis. The flat washer kit is a simple job to install if you’re welding the rest of the kit in. We recommend these for newer chassis or any pivot points that are not already egged out. If you already have slop in the pivot hole it's worth the extra work of the stepped washer to assure the reinforced holes are true and will last longer. The flat washers will not build up the full thickness like the stepped washer does. It will only add to the shear thickness of the tab. Not an elongated hole.
  • Stepped Washers - The stepped washer kit is a machined 4130 chromoly part which makes the actual shear surface one continuous diameter. This is ideal but most likely only for the very serious racers. To complete the stepped washer installation you need a 5/8” extra-long drill bit or a step drill on an angle grinder to ream the original holes in the chassis oversize. These are ideal for rebuilding sloppy pivot holes and the process of drilling out the holes before fitting these re-centers the hole as well. Overall it's a better solution. They are just more work.

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