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Racer Tech Polaris RZR Factory Replacement HD Roll Cage

  • Model: RZR-RC2P
  • Units in Stock: 4
  • Manufactured by: Racer Tech


This is Racer Tech's new 2 piece OEM replacement Polaris RZR roll cage. We believe that this is the BEST option for cost vs. safety.

Racer Tech is known as one of the best roll cage builders for UTV's in the world. We recently decided to take the OEM roll cage design and develop a stronger yet similar setup for our customers who want something from the best but at a price point they can live with. What we came up with is something better than we even expected.

This roll cage was designed to be a 2 piece product and replace either half of an OEM cage at a time or the whole thing at once. Either way, it will substantially improve roll cage strength and reduce chassis flex. This cage was designed to work with as many Pure Polaris accessories as possible. It works with all windshields we've tried and most rear accessories. It does NOT work with any hard roof options but we do have an aluminum and canvas top of our own in the works. We've seen some aftermarket roofs which seem like they could be modified to work with this cage as well. This cage WILL work with any other aftermarket opening door.

The cage was designed to be a bit lower than the OEM cage. It's about 5" lower than the OEM cage actually. We kept the seat belt crossbar behind the seats and the upper rear cross bar in the EXACT same locations as the OEM cage so our cage extensions and Rotopax and other accessory mounts will all fit the same as they do on an OEM cage.

The best part about this cage is the price. We sell it in either half OR you can save a few bucks and buy both halves at once. A front or rear half of our cage WILL bolt up to a opposite half of any OEM cage so you can always upgrade one piece at at time.

All cages come powdercoated our standard satin black and custom colors are optional.

NOTE: This item ships via UPS freight.

NOTE: This cage is designed to work on a newer style RZR with the newer side bars and cage bungs. The old side bars will work but need a custom bracket to connect them. We are working on one of these right now. The new style cage bungs will work on any year RZR.

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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 29 October, 2013.

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