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Racer Tech Kawasaki Teryx +6 Long Travel Suspension System

  • Model: TRX-TR6KIT
  • Units in Stock: 12
  • Manufactured by: Racer Tech

Starting at: $2,000.00

The Racer Tech TR6 Long Travel is more of a system than a “kit”. This system completely relocates the upper shock mounts front and rear for absolute perfect shock geometry using custom built, long-stroke shocks for optimal motion and leverage ratios. Due to the advanced geometry this is the most tunable system on the market. After the testing we’ve done, it’s even easier to help customers fine-tune their own kits over the phone as well.

Starting with the front, Racer Tech uses a “gullwing” style design which makes for an extremely strong connection to the massive 7/8” heim joints but also allows for the most ground clearance available. By using heim joints we provide infinite camber adjustments which have been proven to substantially affect the handling characteristics of a UTV. With the included front upper shock relocation and front lower chassis stiffener included the chassis itself is strengthened substantially in the places it most needs it. Due to a reasonably strong factory designed chassis, we really haven’t found much use for any other bracing.

The TR6 kit uses our proprietary designed HD Tie Rod Replacements. We have proven out this design over the last three years on the Polaris RZR and Ranger XP with zero failures. These tie rods eliminate the weak factory ball joints and rods with Chromoly heim joints, tubing and a clevis which threads into the factory rack bar. This kit is the new industry standard for strength and adjustability.

The rear of the Racer Tech TR6 system utilizes upper shock mount relocation which allows use of all types of shocks using piggyback reservoirs and provides absolutely perfect shock geometry when combined with our lower A-arm mounted lower shock mount.

There are some things we’ve seen some other companies skimp on, but a Teryx long travel kit without rear lower A-arm mounted shocks is just not acceptable. There is no way to get anywhere near optimal geometry in these long travel suspensions while mounting the shock to the upper arm like the factory does. Why does it work for the factory suspension? It works for the factory suspension because the arms are substantially shorter which allows for a much shorter shock as well. With everything smaller it makes the packaging area lend itself better to preferred geometry. Once you start stretching out the arms you will find there is no way to mount a longer shock low enough in the upper arm without laying the shock too far over to work properly. When the shock is laid over too far in relation to the suspension the stroke becomes regressive. This means the piston speed in the shock changes throughout the stroke and slows down more at the end of the shocks travel which in turn really messes up the shocks valving. Ultimately, the effect rendered is that the rear end will bottom out very easily after the shock has compressed a certain amount. Racer Tech addresses this issue by designing the shock geometry before we design the arms. The geometry is the most important part. The arms can then be designed to work around anything.

While we were relocating the upper shock mount with this system we decided to brace up all the rear arm mounts in the process. To install the upper shock mount relocations you will need to run all the arms bolts through plates which ultimately mount into the upper section of the frame and then to the shocks. There isn’t a more effect but lightweight alternative to our design available today.

Overall, we have done so much testing with this suspension system to develop it we feel very confident in saying you won’t find a better one out there. Racer Tech may have been late to the game with this one but we won’t be beat in quality, performance or service. This kit is guaranteed for life, just like all our other systems, against any A-arm or bracket bending or breaking during its use, including racing. Ride at your own risk.

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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 08 March, 2011.

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