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Polaris RZR Half Windshield

  • Model: 9831
  • Units in Stock: 15
  • Manufactured by: EMP

$125.00  $114.95
Save: 8% off
Fits: 2008-2014 800, 2012-2015 RZR 570 2009-2014 RZR-S, 2012-2014 XP900, 2010-2014 RZR-4, 2012-2014 XP900-4, and JAGGED X Edition.

This Polaris RZR Half Windshield is made from 3/16" Thick Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate. This is much more durable than the cheaper plexiglass / acrylic that some manufacturers use. This half windshield will fit all RZR 800, 570, RZR S, XP900, RZR 4 800, RZR XP4 and Jagged X edtion. The windshield quickly attaches utilizing our Patent pending rubber Fast Straps. These mounting straps allow you to quickly attach and remove your windshield and they will not scratch your roll cage or rattle.

Why Use a RZR Half Windshield?

Half windshields are a great solution to help block the wind by it defecting the majority up and over the occupants at speed. One bennifit to a half windshield over a full windshield is after it gets dusty or covered in mud you are still able to see. Another main benifit to us

Another main benefit to using a half windshield with your Polaris RZR is that it does not create the back draft problem that a full windshield can. With just using a full front windshield without the addition of a cab back. With just a front windshield a vacuum is created inside where it will pull in more air and trail dust into the cab area. With using a half windshield it allows air flow up and over the occupants and does not create the back draft problem. 

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