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SXSHQ Cash Back Reward Points

At SXS Headquarters our rewards program is simple and painless, for every $100 you spend per order you get $5 back to be credited to your next purchase. Being a member of the program also means that you will receive notification of special offers that may be exclusive to SXS Headquarters members. In short the benefits include:

SXSHQ Cash Reward Tiers:

* Spend $100 earn $5 SXSHQ Cash
* Spend $200 earn $10 SXSHQ Cash
* Spend $300 earn $15 SXSHQ Cash
* Spend $400 earn $20 SXSHQ Cash
* Spend $500+ earn $25 SXSHQ Cash

SXSHQ Cash can be used toward any items purchased using our website. Your account will be credited as soon as your order is marked with a status of "Processed". Your current SXSHQ Cash balance can be found in the "My Account" section.

Notes and Conditions: reserves the right to change or end this rewards program at any time. SXSHQ Cash has no cash value other than on and cannot be redeemed for cash or credit to a credit card. Any SXSHQ Cash earned prior to termination of this program will be honored according to the terms and conditions of the program. SXSHQ Cash is not transferrable in any way and expires after 1 year. Shipping charges do not count towards SXSHQ Cash calculation totals. SXSHQ Cash may not be combined with other promotions. SXSHQ Cash may not be earned or redeemed in conjunction with price matched orders or discounts. Customers must be logged into their account for the SXSHQ Rewards Club benefits to take effect.